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The AI Assistant that improves lead conversions

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How does it work?

Parker is an AI Assistant specializing in Mortgages, Insurance and Property, that improves lead conversions by connecting cross channel social media visitors with subject matter experts. In simple terms, if Joe sees a property on Twitter, Parker can answer questions about that property before connecting with a Property and Mortgage Expert. Instant Answers, Zero Drop Off, 24/7. It’s that simple.

Step 1

Message Parker

We put Parker onto your Social Media Pages to speak with Clients

Step 2

Compare Products

Parker knows your product – skilled in mortgage, insurance and property AI Advice

Step 3

Speak with an Expert

Parker fact finds client details and passes hot leads to a expert to speak with. It’s that simple.

Advice. Solved.

We do the clever bits – reaching into your database to find the right answer, presented through social media – so you’ll never miss another lead.

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Meet Parker™ is a registered trademark of Meet Parker Ltd

Meet Parker does not provide financial advice. We are a Financial Services Technology Partner for Financial Service Institutions. All messages and rates provided on our demo platform are for indicative purposes only and do not constitute advice.

Meet Parker,

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