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How we qualify buyers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Parker?

Parker is an AI Assistant built by Mortage Brokers and Estate Agents. We streamline the house buying process for qualifying buyers and sellors with our bespoke technology. We provide a Connect Decision in Principle, before connecting buyers to brokers for an immediate confirmation

How much does it cost?

Our team will offer a tailored plan designed for your business model

How do you send my information to Brokers?

We use encrypted mail to deliver your information to brokers 

Do your products come with any warranty?

We offer a one year warranty on all Parker Connect Products

Do you work with Multi Unit Vendors?

Parker was built for Agents looking to sell multiple units. Our products are designed to fit into your sales process and compliment your Sales and Marketing Suite

What platforms does Parker work on?

We are available on the phone, whatsapp and online. We are currently developing our Instagram and Facebook accounts, where Parker will be available

Why work with Parker?

We simplify helping agent qualify buyers, and help brokers get the information they need. We leverage modern technology and keep the process simple, keeping your clients happy